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Master Correspondence Book Order Page

 Please choose the course(s) below that you wish to order.  You have the option to pay for the course in full ($1,325.00) or you can order individual courses as you are ready for them.  In order to receive credit hours for courses taken, you must have submitted an Application Form for acceptance into the Master’s Program, have an original transcript on file with MII, and paid the $75.00 start up fee which is included in the cost of Book 1 – Deal With It!.

 Below 26 hours of courses are shown for the Master’s Program from which you must choose 24 hours.  In addition to taking 24 hours of courses, you are also required to type a 50 page double spaced Thesis.  The topic must be agreed to by your Instructor or Faculty Adviser.  Your Thesis will be worth 6 credit hours.

Start Up Fee $205.00 (Includes Registration Fee and Book 1)                                                                     Pay Now

Pay Course In Full  $1,325.00  (Includes Registration Fee and All Books)                                            Pay Now

Once you have paid the start up fee you have the convenience of working at your own pace and ordering as you go.  When you are ready, choose options below to place your next order.

Being Led by The Holy Spirit

Book 2-What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit $165.00Pay Here →

Intercessory Prayer II

Book 3-Intercessory Prayer $130.00Pay Here →

Leadership 101

Book 4-Effective Keys to Successful Leadership $95.00Pay Here →

World Evangelism

Book 5-Evangelism by Fire $95.00Pay Here →

Healing Ministry

Book 6-Healing the Sick $165.00Pay Here →


Book 7-Angels $95.00Pay Here →

Deliverance Ministry

Book 8-Pigs in the Parlor $95.00Pay Here →

How to Discern Spirits

Book 9-How To Discern Spirits $60.00Pay Here →

The Gift of Prophecy

Book 10-The Power of Prophecy $130.00Pay Here →

Your Thesis

Cost for Thesis $210.00Pay Here →


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