MII Online Store now offers you the ability to purchase the new Rhema Cry Cd or to choose the books you are needing for the correspondence courses.  Please note that the price of the books include the credit hours you receive for taking the course.  MII charges $25.00 per book plus and additional $35.00 per each credit hour you receive.  

The Online Store Book Store is broken down into “Categories” to make it easier for you to find the book you need.  The Categories include Bachelor’s Program, Master’s Program and Doctorate Program.  Please note:  Since it is a requirement to do all of the books in order within the Bachelor Program, the first book under the Bachelor Program will include the cost of the start up fee of $75.00.   If you are entering the Master’s or Doctorate Program you have the option to choose the books you are wanting to read to earn credit hours; therefore, there are separate buttons under the Master’s and Doctorate Programs for the Start Up Fee and for the Thesis Fee.


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 [button text=”TO PURCHASE RHEMA CRY’S CD CLICK HERE” size=”large” url=”” type=”fancy” corners=”rounded” /] 



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