Bishop Dr. Angela Arnwine

MII Regional Bishop - TN

Bishop Dr. Angela D. Arnwine was the Sr. Pastor of Victory Church International, formerly known as Greater Deliverance Ministries, Inc. in Athens, Tennessee, for 22 years.  She is the wife of Pastor Alvin Arnwine (36 years), and they are the parents of two sons, LeBron and Austin (Nolia), and new grandparents to a beautiful granddaughter Abigail.  At the age of 26, Dr. Angela started preaching the gospel and has been in the ministry for 32 years.

God has anointed Dr. Arnwine for this end-time move of God. She operates in the fivefold ministry and is anointed by God to go beyond the religious status quo to raise a standard among God’s people. God has commissioned her to prepare the Church for the return of Christ. Dr. Arnwine preaches the uncompromising Word of God and operates in the gifts of the Spirit. Her focus is on the ministry of deliverance.

Dr. Arnwine believes and knows that the anointing destroys the Spirit of drug addiction, alcoholism, and sexual addictions while bringing, restoration and life to the abused, the neglected, the hurting, the sick and the dying.

She is the founder of Deborah’s of Destiny International Ministries, which is the ministry established to help and train women for ministry and leadership to fulfill the call of God in their lives.  Dr. Arnwine is encouraging women to utilize their gifts and callings while bringing salvation, healing, deliverance, and spiritual growth to others.

Dr. Arnwine is the published author of the book “Chosen.”  This publication is a deep dive into the various men and women that God called throughout the scriptures to do exploits in His name.  This literary work describes how God chooses and calls ordinary people to do extraordinary works.  Dr. Arnwine believes that this generation has been chosen to awaken revival for this generation.