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Ministry International Inc. has just what you need to have a successful Bible Study in your home. The ability to learn scriptural foundations with a revelation edge is the way to create an excitement over the Word of God. With handouts of each lesson and the ability to do power point if desired, you will be on the cutting edge of training your people in Spirit and Truth.

With MII Home Bible Study Fellowship you will always have an exciting time as your people are enlightened with truths that set free. MII offers you the opportunity to sample one lesson for free to see what you have been missing. The link to view this lesson is located on the “Ministry” Page. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to see the power of MII’s Bible Study Program first hand in the lives of those you care for.

This is a series of courses intended for use in a home environment. Each of the courses covers a particular Biblical Subject. The number of lessons depends on the topic. Below is a list of items that will be included with the courses:

·A Description Sheet suitable for use in advance announcements
·A Contact Sheet to record student’s names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses
·An Attendance Sheet to track attendance at the sessions
·A set of Teacher’s Notes for each of the course’s lessons
·A set of Student Handouts for each of the course’s lessons
·A set of PowerPoint Slides with scripture, notes, and narration for each of the course’s lessons

The Bible Study Material is in downloadable form. It consists of a series of eleven courses. To Place Your Order CLICK HERE. Once our office receives verification of payment, we will contact you via e-mail to give you the password needed to access the downloadable material.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 865-938-5544.

Home Bible Study Fellowship Course Description
A1 – How to Become a Mature Christian 5-Lessons from 2 Peter to develop a maturity plan for Christians. Parallels Christian development with that of a baby through adulthood. Participants can locate themselves in the maturity process towards the ultimate – love.

A2 – Love That Passes Knowledge 5-Lessons starting with Adam & Eve acquiring knowledge in Garden of Eden, God’s reaction, the affect on Jesus’ ministry, the reaction of the Holy Spirit, and how to overcome sin tendency. Students achieve deeper understanding of God’s love for mankind.

A3 – The Melchizedek Priesthood 7-Lessons that describe who Melchizedek was, his role and relationship with the Levitical Priesthood of the Old Testament, and the necessity for a change to the law and Priesthood of the Old Testament. Also discussed are tithing, praising God and speaking in tongues.

A4 – Praise, Worship & Spiritual Warfare 4-Lessons that discuss 5 levels of Praise, and 2 categories of Worship. Praise & Worship are then shown to be defenses against Spiritual Warfare, whose reality and nature are also discussed.

A5 – Intercession 4-Lessons that identify the need, role, and purpose of Intercessors and the role of Jesus as our Intercessor model. The course includes a detailed analysis of Jesus’ greatest Intercessory prayer and examines the Intercessor role of the modern day church. The difference between faith and unbelief is also discussed.

A6 – The Kingdom of God 4-Lessons that clarify what the Kingdom of God is and how to get into it. Three major Kingdom principles are presented and shown at work in the Kingdom. The location of the Kingdom is described and how God works in a believer through the Kingdom.

A7 – Holy Spirit 4-Lessons showing the eternal existence of the Holy Spirit, His existence as a person, and His operation in both the Old and New Covenant. His role in various phases of the life of mankind is reviewed and examples of Him in action in seven areas of life are presented. The course concludes with an explanation and clarification of the two baptisms – water baptism & Holy Spirit baptism.

A8 – Covenants 4-Lessons looking at covenants between God and man starting with non-conditional covenants and progressing to blood covenants, their role in repentance and acceptance, what salvation provides us, how do we acquire salvation, and four requirements for full participation in the New Covenant.

A9 – Applying the Blood 3-Lessons examining the role of blood in man’s history and the emphasis on blood placed by the Father, why the Blood of Jesus is important and necessary, and the symbolism evident in the shedding of Jesus’ Blood.

A10 – Faith 3-Lessons that include examination of the Old Testament examples of faith, recognize the importance of faith, see the role of faith in our righteousness, and see what the result of a life of faith can be. Answers the questions, “Who has faith?” “Where does faith come from”.

A11 – Innerworking of the Godhead 3-Lessons help understand the roles of the three Persons that form the Godhead, and understand how we should relate and react with each of them. The course examines the function of the Persons of the Godhead and how they are instrumental in our salvation and our lives as Christians.

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