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Pastors, MII Is Now Offering A Way For You to Make Hundreds of Disciples!

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MII No Limits Extension Campus Application

MII No Limits Student Application


By opening an extension site campus of Ministry International Institute, you will be empowered to offer everyone in your church a fully accredited Bible course which will train disciples and raise up future ministries.

The fee to open an Extension Site Campus with UNLIMITED students for the MII Two Year Course is $10,000.00. The only expense to the student will be a fee of $200.00, which can be broken down into two easy payments. This fee covers the student textbooks and their diploma.

Students that have a GED or High School Diploma will earn 60 credit hours for an Associate in Ministry. The Instructor of the course will have the option to take the course while teaching the course. Instructors will receive 15 credit hours per year for teaching plus they will receive an additional 30 credit hours per year if taking the course. This will enable the Instructor to graduate at the end of two years with 90 credit hours.

Pastor, by going this route you can expect a number of great things to happen. You will be giving a gift to those that may not financially have been able to afford an accredited education. In addition, instead of having a handful of students who were having to pay $1,300.00+ each, you will be opening the door for hundreds of your church members to be trained to walk in love and move in power.

It has been our experience that church growth takes place for those who open a MII Bible Institute. Students become excited as they learn a deeper walk in the Spirit and how to recognize the voice of God. They begin inviting family and friends, ministries are birthed, and deep relationships are formed.

For more info on how you can participate in this powerful opportunity, contact us at  865-938-5544. 3. Classroom of Students2. Older Graduate




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