Bishop Dr. Wayne Alexander

MII Regional Bishop - GA

Bishop Wayne M. Alexander is the Founder and Bishop of In the Bible Christian Ministry. Bishop Alexander has been living for the Lord since 1982. He and his wife, Lucille, have actively served in the ministry for many years. They are the proud parents of one son, Reginald Alexander, who is also a minister at ITB. Bishop Alexander is a true servant of God in that he has worked in many facets of the ministry.

He began by simply arriving early on cold winter mornings to light the church heater before the members arrived. He has also worked in the church kitchen, provided transportation, made repairs in the church along with many other things. He became an usher then a deacon, minister, elder, pastor and now a Bishop and teacher. Still he works to serve the people of God in whatever capacity necessary.

Bishop Alexander has studied, worked and served under many great men of God and he is known as a true doer of God’s word not just a hearer. He has always lived by the motto that if you don’t work you don’t eat and he applies that to every facet of his life. He is dedicated to not only teaching the word of God to the people of In the Bible Christian Ministry but also showing them the word of God through real life application and being a true example.

In 2018, Bishop Alexander completed his ministry studies at Ministry Institute International (MII) where he earned his Bachelor of Ministry as well as an Honorary Doctor of Ministry. Due to years of faithful service to numerous ministries including those outside of his own, his passion for facilitating forums to unite ministers for the growth of the Kingdom of God and for his diligence in spreading the word amongst other local ministries concerning the MII program, he was appointed Ordained Bishop through Ministry International Inc. and Institute.

Bishop Alexander teaches that we should strive to become like the Psalm 1 man/woman–A man/woman planted by the rivers of water bearing his fruit in his time, a man/woman that meditates on God’s word day and night, and a man/woman that delights in the law of the Lord.

Along with his wife, family and church family he is forever committed to serving the Kingdom of God.