Bishop Dr. Lee Miller

MII Regional Bishop - MS

John 4:38 – “I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours.” (KJV)

Past and present, you will find Dr. Lee A. Miller, Sr., spearheading synergistic relationships among the body of Christ.  A labor entered into firsthand, by way of his father’s legacy. 

It wasn’t until 1995, that the Ohio born and Mississippi raised Dr. Lee experienced a paradigm shift, which defined a fundamental change in his view of the world.  This shift opened a range of new lifelines for his spiritual, personal and professional growth, presenting more opportunities than before.  From a media corporate executive to Senior Pastor of Faith Harvest Church, this perpetual shift ushered him into the labor of his parents, the late Pastor Archie Lee and Virginia Miller (Faith Harvest Church).

Twenty-five years later, as the world was forced to cope with COVID-19, Dr. Lee encountered another paradigm shift, in the form of education.  God enabled Him to graduate salutatorian of MII Bible College.  The shift continued as he was licensed and ordained into the Bishopric at the state and regional level.  Additionally, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Ministry and became an instructor of MII Bible Colleges in Mississippi.  As all of this manifested, he endeavored to complete his own doctoral studies.  Dr. Lee is blazing new trails in the Kingdom of God.  Through the implementation of MII Bible College, he is subduing the supplanter, by equipping believers with the knowledge of truth, “for such a time as this.”  

While remaining the Senior Pastor of Faith Harvest Church, Dr. Lee has been awarded the prestigious, “Key to The City,” of Booneville. MS, which is housed by the Faith Harvest Church Sanctuary.  He has and continues to be a prophetic voice locally and nationally, exposing the fallacies of religion that release the people of God into their destiny.   “STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART”, is an experience of his powerful revelation knowledge that can be seen weekly on Facebook.  Dr. Lee is a preacher, teacher, prophet, and worshipper…a man after God’s own heart!

A devout husband, Dr. Lee has been married to Linnette Miller, for 39 years.  They are the proud parents of four children and fifteen grandchildren, who’ve bestowed his highest honor, as Papa.  He not only shares the message of Jesus abroad, but lives that very message for his seed, with the anticipation that they too, will enter into his labor.