Bishop Dr. Ricky Roper

State Ministry Director - TN

Rick Roper is a lover of God.  He has been married for 38 years to the love of his life, Kathy Roper. He has 3 grown children and an extra son, who is his son-in-love.  Together Rick and Kathy have 7 grandchildren, 2 girls and 5 boys all under the age of 13.  They are a close family.

Rick has been in ministry for over 35 years.  He started going to College late in life but was very excited about starting the classes at MII.  He graduated with his Doctorate in 2022 and has been teaching MII College courses for about 4 years.  Recently, he was blessed by MII by being promoted to State Director.  He also was made Bishop just this year as well.  2022 has been a blessing to Rick and his family.  Ministry is so much more than Rick could have ever imagined.  His family is so proud of what he has accomplished.

Dr. Rick is happy to be made State Director so that he can help others accomplish their dreams of furthering their ministry. Knowing God’s word is so important to the Great Commission of spreading the Gospel of God.  He feels we need to know the word to share the word.