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Bachelor Correspondence Book Order Page

Please choose the course(s) below that you wish to order.  You have the option to pay for the course in full ($2,700.00) or you can order individual courses as you are ready for them.  In order to receive credit hours for courses taken, you must have submitted an Application Form for acceptance into the Bachelor’s Program, have an original transcript on file with MII, and paid the $75.00 start up fee which is included in the cost of Book 1 – The Five Love Languages.


Start Up Fee $205.00 (Includes Registration Fee and Book 1)                                                                     Pay Now

Pay Course In Full  $2,700.00  (Includes Registration Fee and All Books)                                                 Pay Now


Courses must be taken in order; however, once you have paid the start up fee you have the convenience of working at your own pace and ordering as you go.  When you are ready, choose options below to place your next order.

Family Ministry

Book 2-Financial Peace $165.00Pay Here →
Book 3-The New Strong Willed Child $112.50Pay Here →
Book 4-Preparing for Adolescence $95.00Pay Here →

Leadership in Ministry

Book 5-Courageous Leadership $130.00Pay Here →
Book 6-Jesus on Leadership $130.00Pay Here →
Book 7-They Smell Like Sheep $130.00Pay Here →
Book 8-Spiritual Leadership $130.00Pay Here →
Book 9-The Power of Vision $77.50Pay Here →

Local Church Ministry

Book 10-Purpose Driven Church $200.00Pay Here →
Book 11-Church that Works $130.00Pay Here →
Book 12-Evangelism Explosion $130.00Pay Here →
Book 13-The Elder and His Work $60.00Pay Here →
Book 14-The Work of the Deacon & Deaconess $60.00Pay Here →
Book 15-Reaching a Generation for Christ $340.00Pay Here →
Book 16-Shepherding A Woman’s Heart $95.00Pay Here →
Book 17-Guy Stuff or It’s OK to Ask for Directions $95.00Pay Here →

Different Types of Ministry

Book 18-101 Ways to Reach Your Community $60.00Pay Here →
Book 19-People Raising $130.00Pay Here →
Book 20-Successful Mission Teams $130.00Pay Here →
Book 21-Groups of 12 $95.00Pay Here →




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