David Penn

My name is David Penn and I am an elder at Honey Rock Victorious Church International located in Knoxville, TN where I serve as a Missions Director.  Missionary work is one of my many passions.  I am a graduate of Ministry International Institute where I received my Master’s degree.  I am also continuing my education with MII and am currently enrolled in the Doctoral program.  Since attending the school, I have received a vast amount of knowledge that has enhanced my life and how I operate in ministry.  I have gone on to create a non-profit organization where I serve as President of Fruit of the Holy Spirit Global Ministry.  It has been my pleasure to be able to be an Instructor of the MII Course and I would like to say thanks to Dr. Chris and his wonderful wife, Dr. Yvonne Waller.


See other blog posts in the link below. MII is a ministry to ministers and Bible Institute which features personal ministry, ministerial credentialing, and extension campuses through local churches and other approved locations.